Mogli has one of these voices that stay in your head make you feel like you're finally home.

After the 22 year old released her debut album Bird last year and got featured on the soundtrack to the movie hit "Pedal The World" with multiple songs she embarked on a big adventure in 2016: Expedition Happiness.

She converted a schoolbus to a tiny house on wheels and travels in it from Alaska to Argentina.

In June her feature "Be the one now", with the Berlin based and well known DJ Alle Farben got released and she is sharing music videos from beautiful places on the road on Youtube.

And rumor has it she will bring home a new album from her travels...

Her intuitive way of making music makes her intriguingly natural. When you listen with eyes closed you hear a haunting and versatile voice that reaches something deep within you. When you then open your eyes you are mesmerized by the charisma of the young artist that lets you feel subtle emotional nuances.

Mogli discovers her world and you just want to be a part of it.